30-day challenge


Enrolment for the 30-day challenge is now open!


– 100% tailored to your goals

– You decide how much time you want to study each day and I’ll create your plan accordingly

– 30-day plan: each day is different 

– You also receive: learning material, links to videos, podcasts, etc. – all tailored to your needs and preferences 

– Daily contact with me through interactive homework assignments, speaking practice and homework correction

– Four live one-on-one sessions with me (language coaching/language lessons)

For whom:

– You want to see amazing results in just 30 days.

– You want to invest 15 minutes a day (or more) in the best possible way for you to reach your goals.

– You like challenges and daily inputs, and friendly and professional interaction from me motivates you.

– You want to practise your speaking/pronunciation on a daily basis.

Results guaranteed!

Price: €600

Enrol here! (Limited spots available)