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Our last lesson… Congratulations!

This lesson is all about activating your vocabulary and seeing how many things you can already understand and say. 

Some of the dialogues that you are going to listen to are similar to what you have listened to throughout the course, while others contain the same words but are used to build sentences you haven’t yet heard. This is for you to see how much and how many different things you can already say with the words you have learnt so far. When you concentrate on the right words and language structures, there are virtually infinite possibilities of what you can say.

Depending on how often you have carried out the practice part of the course, you might find it easier to simply read the dialogues in this lesson or listen to the audios and answer my questions.

In any case: I am proud of you for having come this far!

Very important: please note that as the past tense (Passato prossimo) is a tense you have only seen in the past two lessons, I don’t expect you to understand everything when listening to the use of the past tense in the audios and you should NOT worry if this is the case: I decided to write many mini dialogues with the past tense so that you can train as much as possible before you finish this course and feel more confident when you talk to people.

If you want, you can train your knowledge of the past tense (and much more) with SMART-LESSONS for busy people, Level 2. For now, sit back and relax: listen to the audio and be proud of what you have learnt so far, because I am.

And last but not least: please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions: speakfromdayonewithelisa@gmail.com

STEP 1: Listen to the dialogues.

Listen to the dialogues and see how much you understand (listen to them at least twice, or even better, three times). AFTER you’ve listened to the dialogues, read them (or read and listen to them again at the same time).


STEP 2: Read the takeaways from the lesson. This is what you should remember, use and revise.

Smart Lessons_Nr 30

STEP 3: Practice time!

In the lesson PDF, you will also find a section called “Practice time”. This section is made up of 4 mini parts: the first three help fix the concepts of the lesson or of the previous ones. The last part is a speaking exercise: there is an extra audio file in which I will be asking you questions. Click here below to listen to my questions.

For your convenience, to avoid having to look at both files (lessons and exercise keys), the lessons and exercise keys have been placed here. The keys are next to the exercises themselves, towards the end of the page.

Smart Lessons_Nr 30_keys

A presto! (Speak soon)