Mini-lessons for busy people


Do you have little free time and want to learn languages in an efficient way?
This new learning concept is for you!

With a minimum of five minutes a day, you will make amazing progress.

What you get:

– Daily input (audio files) with grammar ‘bits’, language structures, dialogues and questions sent directly to your smartphone

– Focus solely on speaking practice

– Only includes the most useful parts of the language

– Mini daily speaking practice

For whom:

If you only have 5 minutes a day and want to make daily progress.

For language lovers who don’t have a specific deadline but want meaningful contact with the language every day.

Available for the following languages:

Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, English (any level)

Portuguese (up to B2)

Greek, Hindi (A1)

How and how much:

Subscription, you can unsubscribe any time after the first month


Enrol now!

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