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Lesson content:

In this lesson you will learn some useful Italian that you can use right away!

This lesson will help you speak Italian from the very first moment.

I decided to teach you something that is not normally taught in the first lesson of a traditional course. I want you to experiment the beauty of saying something meaningful from the first day, and not the usual “My name is”.

How to work with this lesson:

STEP 1: Listen to the audio lesson.

STEP 2: Read the takeaways from the lesson. This is what you should remember, use and revise.

STEP 3: Practice time!

STEP 1: Listen to the audio lesson.

You can decide whether to just stick to the lesson, listen to it first and then read the script, or listen to the audio while reading the script (you can find the script in “STEP 2”).

STEP 2: Read the takeaways from the lesson.
This is what you should remember, use and revise.

Here you can find:

  • the audio script
  • the takeaways (the grammar summary, the vocabulary and a short list of the sentences you really want to remember and use as a reference for your next conversations).

Click to access Smart-lessons_Nr-0_without-keys_ready.pdf

STEP 3: Practice time!

In the same PDF file (see “STEP 2”), you will also find a section called “Practice time”. This section is made up of 4 mini parts: the first three help fix the concepts of the lesson or of the previous ones. The last part is a speaking exercise: there is an extra audio file in which I will be asking you questions. Click here below to listen to my questions.


For your convenience, to avoid having to look at both files (lessons and exercise keys), the lessons and exercise keys have been placed here. The keys are next to the exercises themselves, towards the end of the page.

Click to access Smart-lessons_Nr-0_keys_ready.pdf


What's next

Reach pre-intermediate level in 30 days

Learn only useful words

Learn the perfect pronunciation

Study as little as 7 to 15 minutes a day

30 downloadable audio lessons with full transcript

Grammar summary and word lists

Speaking exercises

Free extra learning material

Lifetime access to the community

FREEBIE: Weekly online group classes with me!

Not sure yet it will work for you?

Here is what my students say about this course

Katherine, diseñadora industrial

Ciao a Tutti!

I’m from Colombia and I live in Barcelona. I’d like to travel to Italy for sightseeing and for this reason I took the course ‘Smart Italian for busy people’: since it’s a 30-day course and I have little time to learn every day, it made me focus on this goal for a short time and learn words, grammar and essential expressions that will help me have basic conversations with anyone. The method looks to me dynamic and simple, plus I get constantly new information, which I find cool cause I don’t get along with the same old phrases and expressions. I liked it a lot and it made me motivated to learn more and more.

Ciao, grazie!


I finally found a course where I can invest the time I have to learn something that I can use straight away.

I can really see how I progress day by day

The concept behind Smart-lessons for busy people is the following:

You have a clear and easy program to follow.

This program is designed to enable you to speak Italian from Day 1, and reach A1/A2 level after just 30 days through daily short study sessions that help you absorb language structures like the ones that I just described!

The program offers 7-minute audio lessons to listen to every day; and if you take time to use the extra materials provided with the audio, you won’t have to spend more than 15-30 minutes a day to get those results!

If this sounds interesting, you’re up to the challenge and want to make amazing progress in Italian in the coming 30 days, then let me tell you exactly what this program offers.

1. A Lesson Pack with Daily Lessons that contain all the study materials you need

First of all, you get 30 days’ worth of daily Italian audio lessons, created by me. 

These contain meaningful conversations that you are likely to encounter when talking directly with Italian native speakers. That way, you only learn useful words that you’ll actually need in real life. Enough already with frustrating words lists full of specialised vocabulary you’ll never actually use!

They also contain the language structures we’ve talked about before that are fundamental to speaking Italian easily and from the very beginning! 

Every lesson comes with

  • Downloadable audio files to learn on-the-go

  • A transcript of the lesson to read along with and make sure you understand every single word

  • A grammar summary to revise and learn important new grammar topics that come up in the lesson

  • A reference list of useful words (you’ll also be memorising these automatically while going through the course) 

  • Exercises to put everything into practice

  • Speaking exercises! After all, speaking Italian with native speakers is what it’s all about, isn’t it? 🙂

The nice thing is that we’re using the ‘spaced repetition’ technique to repeat and revise the words and structures in a strategic way throughout the 30 lessons. 

That means that, if you stick to the lesson schedule and just listen to the audio every day, you will memorise the most important words and structures on auto-pilot!

2. A community with other Italian students and weekly live practice sessions with me!  

As part of your enrolment in this program, you’ll also get access to our ‘Smart Lessons for busy learners’ accountability community! 

In this community, you can:

  • Post any questions you have and interact with me, other learners and other native speakers. 

  • I even hold weekly live sessions where you can ask me any questions and practise your Italian with me! That way you can enjoy using what you learn in a safe and pleasant environment.

  • You can also share your struggles and victories with me and the other learners. And I’ll check in with you weekly during the Challenge to make sure you stay on track! 

As you can see, you’re not in this alone, we’ve got your back (Ci siamo per te)! 

As part of your enrolment, you get lifetime access to our Smart Italian for busy people community. 

In short: you get all the materials and all the guidance you need to reach the A1/A2 level by the end of this 30-day challenge and have actual conversations with native speakers.

How to enrol

Here’s the thing: for the past years, I’ve almost exclusively taught students 1-on-1. My rate for 1-on-1 lessons is €50/hour. Say we were to do 30 1-on-1 lessons in a challenge…you do the math. It would get expensive, fast.

However, I’ve now included everything I would usually teach 1-on-1 in a package that combines self-study with coaching from me, which means I can offer it at a lower price! 

Right now, you can enrol in this 30-day challenge for just 179 €.

If you’re ready to join us and finally start speaking Italian no matter how busy you are, just click the button below!

Smart Italian for Busy People

Reach A2 level and hold conversations with native speakers in just 30 days
  • 30 days of daily lessons that teach conversational Italian up to A2 level
  • Lifetime access to our Accountability Community to learn together with other Italian students
  • Ask me any questions in our closed group and practice Italian with me!

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

I want this to be an easy, no-risk decision for you. The materials and the system work. I’m 100% confident in the program and you will be too. That’s why I’m happy to let you enrol in the course, try out the materials and use them for 7 days. If within these 7 days you feel you’ve not made any progress in Italian, let me know and we’ll issue a full refund – no questions asked. 


If you’re ready to enrol, click the button below.

One more thing...

If you took the time to get all the way down here, clearly you’re serious about learning Italian. Well, good news: I am too. I’ve created this program to help you stop wasting time on programs that don’t work and stop learning useless words and grammar. I want to help you. 🙂
So if you’re ready to improve your Italian, join me in the program now! 

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