Polyglot Gathering in Berlin: my presentation on how to teach and learn multiple languages at the same time:
  A video of me speaking in different languages about my method:
  A video of one of my students talking about my multilingual courses:   Another one of my students talks about my multilingual courses:   A video of a student having a short conversation in Russian after a 10 minute lesson (no previous knowledge of Russian):   A video of the result of me teaching a student French, Spanish and Italian for 10 minutes in each language (first short conversations in the three languages and then switching from one language to another):   A example of a multilingual lesson:
  A video of a student answering questions in five languages (she had had six group lessons):
  Interview about multilingual learning by Sprachheld:
Video and key point list and summary (in German)   Stefano, an excellent polyglot, shares his language learning methods, his story and his passion for languages. I had the chance to interview him: