Multilingual online courses

This unique multilingual online course includes: a) an interactive PDF: the audio files are embedded in the document itself and you will often have the impression that you are interacting directly with me. You will hear my voice asking you questions or answering your questions, as if it were a real conversation. You will also find interactive quizzes which you can complete by typing directly into the PDF and see or hear the correct answer(s) by clicking a button. Throughout the units, you will find useful language learning tips, multilingual tips and multilingual comparisons which are designed to make switching between languages easier, b) videos in which I recap all the unit’s significant points, c) flashcards of all the unit’s words, and d) podcasts that will speed up your learning process. 

This course was specifically designed to:

– help you speak the languages you are interested in from day one.

– help you develop the skill of switching from one language to another without mixing either of them up.

In each language learning unit of this multilingual course you will find lots of the following:

Lots of speaking practice: immediately apply what you learn and start speaking straight away.

Useful grammar rules made easy for you.

Lots of audio files embedded in the PDF: single sounds to train pronunciation, sound comparisons for similar sounds, single words to make sure you understand the correct pronunciation, and dialogues to see words in context and hear the sentence stress and intonation.

Interactive learning: you will be asked questions in either written or oral form and you can type your answer directly into the PDF and click on the answer box to see (or hear) the answer!

– Links to videos that will speed up your learning process: in each unit you will have access to five recap videos.

Carefully chosen vocabulary: only useful and frequently used words for your level!

Language learning tips from years of experience as both a teacher and a learner.

Multilingual tips that will help you compare languages and keep them separate in your brain.

An easy-to-use grammar summary with useful examples from the unit.

Vocabulary recap: word list, words in context and chunks (words which are often found together).

– Practical vocabulary, pronunciation or grammar comparative tables to help you focus on differences across languages.

Extra exercises if you want more practice.

Pronunciation reference tables: only with useful words for your level!

Flash cards with all the unit’s words! You can choose between Anki files or my Memrise decks.

Podcasts: 12 short podcasts (three for each language) to practise what you learn in the units and learn a few extra words. Along with the podcasts, you will receive the full transcript, the new word list, grammatical notes and the translation into English.

This is a course made of several language units. Every month you receive one unit made of one interactive PDF of about 70 pages (4 languages) + 5 videos + 12 podcasts + flashcards. The cost of the monthly subscription for four languages is $99.98. You can unsubscribe at any time. 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.

If you prefer to receive the main course only (about 70 pages every month including audio, language learning tips, multilingual tips, language comparisons, grammar summary, vocabulary list and examples) without the extra content (5 videos, 12 podcasts and the flashcards), the monthly fee is $79.98. You can unsubscribe at any time. 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.

With this course, you will not only learn faster and with less effort, but you will also be able to speak from as early on as the first unit and have conversations straight away in several languages.

Love languages and don’t want to wait for years before starting to learn new ones? Want to train yourself to switch from one language to another and not mix them up? 

If so, this course is for you

The course is now available for the following languages: Italian, Spanish, French and German, with instructions in English. If you are interested in the course or want more information about it, please contact me.

More language combinations are on the way including Russian, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese. If you are interested in a particular language combination, please send me a message

If you want to read more about my multilingual method and courses, please click here

And last but least, my single-language courses will soon be available too!