I love how encouraging she is!

I used to think it was impossible to learn more than one language at once, and I even had trouble maintaining my Spanish while I switched to learning French or German. All that changed when I met Elisa Polese.

Elisa is completely fluent in more languages than I can count. She is teaching me Spanish, French and German all at the same time, and it’s working. I have significantly improved in both of my weaker languages while maintaining and even improving my Spanish some too.

I am blown away by Elisa’s ability to explain so many concepts in all these different languages. She easily zeros in on what I need to work on, and in minutes can erase confusion that I’ve had for years.


Kristen (USA)

Весёлая, дружеская атмосфера

Мы с моей коллегой Татьяной побывали у Элизы на уроках эсперанто и на занятии 3-мя языками сразу: португальским, хинди и греческим. Нам очень понравился её подход, подача материала и весёлая, дружеская атмосфера на занятиях. За совсем небольшой срок мы успели приобрести практические навыки на совершенно новых для нас языках. И, конечно же, заразились энтузиазмом Элизы. Теперь с её подачи мы продолжаем изучать эсперанто!

Anastasia (Russia)