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Do you want to learn new languages without forgetting the previous ones? Do you want to stop mixing languages up?

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Read or listen to more about me and my method:

Polyglot Gathering (organiser of the biggest polyglot event since 2018 and speaker since 2016)
Author of “How to become fluent in multiple languages” (book description here)
Polyglot Conference (expert in its language panel in 2018, workshop in Japan 2019)
Actual Fluency podcast (interview)
Language mastery (interview)
Langfest (speaker since 2017)
Rosetta Stones (article)
Article on multilingual learning and teacher since 2011
Women in Language (speaker since 2018 and expert in its language panel)
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Interview by Sprachheld (article and video)

Now…imagine speaking your language(s) fluently, in a situation in which you enjoy or need to use them. I can help you get there. 


If you’ve struggled with one or more languages in the past, it’s not your fault.

With the right method, you can learn any language—even multiple ones, at the same time, without mixing them up.

Anyone can learn a language in a fun and efficient way, it’s just about the method.

Have you ever thought one of the following? 

– ‘Why don’t I make progress?!’

– ‘I know a lot of grammar, but I can’t speak’

– ‘It’s hard to find time to study’

If so, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there at some point or another.

The truth is that with the right method and tips, this won’t happen.

Teaching languages is my true passion. I love helping people overcome their fears, dismantle their limiting beliefs about their ability to learn languages, and reach their language goals in a fast and interactive way. The biggest reward for me is seeing my students happy, laughing on the way to making their language dream(s) come true.

How you can benefit from my language learning experience:

  • I have studied 24 languages and I have brought 13 of them to a teaching level: Italian, German, English, French,  Spanish, Russian, Catalan, Dutch, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Esperanto and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • I have a strong background in education (Didactics, Applied Linguistics, Communication, Translation and Interpreting), extensive teaching experience (I have been teaching in universities and language schools around the world since 2000, and online since 2010), and I apply the best teaching techniques, adapting them to the student’s language learning experience, goals, needs and preferred learning style.
  • I am also a language examiner for Italian, French, English, Spanish, German and Russian, and I can help you prepare for your language exams. All students who have prepared language exams with me have succeeded and obtained their certificate!
  • I have tried and tested many different methods and have discovered what worksnot only for me but for everyone else too!
  • I have a strong passion for helping people find their own path to language fluency.

  • I am also a language coach and multilingual mentor and I apply the most useful coaching strategies to my lessons.
  • And last but not least, I am a professional multilingual teacher: I can help you become fluent in multiple languages without forgetting the languages you have previously learnt, and without mixing them up.

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Do you want to:

  • Become fluent in your favourite language(s)?
  • Stop mixing languages up?
  • Start speaking a new language(s) from day one?
  • Switch between languages with ease?
  • Improve your language(s) in a fun and efficient way?

Start making amazing progress today! Book your first fun and effective language lesson or your first unique and highly effective multilingual lesson with me now!


Language coaching & multilingual mentoring:

There are so many apps that give you the impression that you are learning, but when it comes to speaking, no words come out of your mouth.

When behind a language business there are only numbers and not true passion to teach, help and share, those who pay the price are the customers, the learners. 

The truth is that with the right method and tips, this won’t happen.

Do you prefer to study on your own but feel that your progress isn’t quick enough?

Would you like to maximise your study time and get more results with less effort?

Do you want to create a study routine that you look forward to day after day? 

Do you already have a study routine but want to improve it?

Do you want to develop techniques that help you stick to your study routine?


Are you interested in learning more about any of the following? 

  • How to learn languages efficiently
  • How to learn for five minutes a day and make considerable progress (e.g. what to focus on, what resources to use, etc.)
  • How to make your language learning more fun and effective
  • How to introduce a short but efficient study session into your busy life


Or are you learning multiple languages at the same time and want to:

  • Know how to study more than one language without forgetting the ones you have previously studied
  • Learn how not to mix them up
  • Be able to switch from one language to another with ease
  • Get help choosing which and how many languages you should focus on

Whether you need some guidance from time to time or want to build your own customised language learning path, a language coaching or multilingual mentoring session could make all the difference—book yours now! If you’d also like to receive a follow-up study plan tailored to what we talked about during our session, click here. 



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Watch the video of my “Speakers Challenge” in which I had two minutes to teach some Hindi, Greek and Italian!


Весёлая, дружеская атмосфера

Мы с моей коллегой Татьяной побывали у Элизы на уроках эсперанто и на занятии 3-мя языками сразу: португальским, хинди и греческим. Нам очень понравился её подход, подача материала и весёлая, дружеская атмосфера на занятиях. За совсем небольшой срок мы успели приобрести практические навыки на совершенно новых для нас языках. И, конечно же, заразились энтузиазмом Элизы. Теперь с её подачи мы продолжаем изучать эсперанто!

Anastasia (Russia)

I love how encouraging she is!

I used to think it was impossible to learn more than one language at once, and I even had trouble maintaining my Spanish while I switched to learning French or German. All that changed when I met Elisa Polese.

Elisa is completely fluent in more languages than I can count. She is teaching me Spanish, French and German all at the same time, and it’s working. I have significantly improved in both of my weaker languages while maintaining and even improving my Spanish some too.

I am blown away by Elisa’s ability to explain so many concepts in all these different languages. She easily zeros in on what I need to work on, and in minutes can erase confusion that I’ve had for years.


Kristen (USA)