I love how encouraging she is!

I used to think it was impossible to learn more than one language at once, and I even had trouble maintaining my Spanish while I switched to learning French or German. All that changed when I met Elisa Polese.

Elisa is completely fluent in more languages than I can count. She is teaching me Spanish, French and German all at the same time, and it’s working. I have significantly improved in both of my weaker languages while maintaining and even improving my Spanish some too.

I am blown away by Elisa’s ability to explain so many concepts in all these different languages. She easily zeros in on what I need to work on, and in minutes can erase confusion that I’ve had for years.


Kristen (USA)

Ich kann Elisa als Sprachlehrerin unbedingt empfehlen!

Der drei-Sprachen-Kurs mit Elisa hat großen Spaß gemacht! Aus ihrem fundierten Sprachschatz zahlreicher Sprachen haben wir uns im Kurs auf Italienisch, Spanisch und Französisch konzentriert. Der direkte Vergleich dieser drei Sprachen hat so manches Aha-Erlebnis hervorgerufen.


Heike (Germany)