Self-mastery in language learning

We believe that anyone can learn any language.

We also believe that some people enjoy studying on their own but they sometimes get frustrated because they aren’t getting the results they were hoping for.

Sometimes it’s a matter of finding your own method, one that fits your learning style and preferences. How can we learn to the best of our abilities? How can we find activities that are not only useful but that we also enjoy? And, even more challenging, how can we find something we enjoy that really takes us forward and helps us make real progress?

Sometimes it’s a matter of fitting what we would like to do into our busy lifestyle

– How can we gain time? 

– How can we use our time in a way that allows us to do everything we want without feeling overwhelmed? 

– And how can we find activities and strategies that work for us and adapt them to our lifestyle?

The way we learn when we feel motivated is not the same as when we feel stressed or tired: how can we combine our constantly changing life with language learning, concentrate on what is useful to make progress and do something we actually enjoy?

If you want to study on your own but you like the idea of some extremely effective language coaching that will help you tap into your true strengths and develop your ability to learn any language as a confident independent learner, why not join our special program called ‘Self-mastery in language learning’?

Who we are:

Elisa Polese, MA, language coach, multilingual teacher and author.

Elisa is a polyglot who has taught herself 25 languages and has helped thousands of people learn languages for over 20 years. She holds an MA in International Communication from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy), an MA in Didactics from the University of Siena and Perugia (Italy), BAs in Translating and Interpreting from the University of Bologna (Italy) and the University of Grenoble (France), as well as the CELTA (Certification in English Language Teaching to Adults) from the University of Cambridge.


Nicolò Violini, PhD, life coach and strategic interventionist.

Nicolò is a professional life coach and strategic interventionist, a Tony Robbins-Cloe Madanes graduate. His passion is helping people discover the decisions and beliefs that guide them and align their beliefs, values and experience in order to help them reach their goals. He is also passionate about languages and has studied English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, French and Catalan.

We put all this extraordinary experience and our skills into practice as we guide you through a very special coaching program

The ‘Self-mastery in language learning’ program consists of four online modules:

– Strategic thinking

– Activities management

– Time management

– Daily practice

What do others think about the Self-mastery program

Olga Smith (2)


I would consider myself quite experienced independent language learner. But this self-mastery language learning workshop helped me a lot. Actually I would say, this workshop helped me to put all pieces of puzzle together in independent language learning.
For example, I knew a lot about learning strategy, but I did not realise how important to apply it, not just know about it. Thanks to Elisa, who underlined very simple connection between your goal and your activities: If you want to speak in your target language, your priority is speaking. If you want to pass the exam, your priority is grammar. But we want to have all skills at once. Strategy is important!
It was able to manage my everyday activity to learn one language, but when I decided to learn multiple languages at the same time, I have found very difficult to manage all activity. Elisa and Nicolò take you step by step to master your routine. It doesn’t matter how many languages you want to learn at the same time. Often we don’t realize how much time we spend for nothing productive like checking our emails or rushing reply to some not important messages. Nicolò did teach me how to cope with distractions and moreover how to use my “dead” time to be much more productive.
Also, I have learned to be very flexible embedding my language learning activities in everyday life. I know now how still enjoy life and learn four languages every day. Thank you to Elisa and Nicolò.



From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Elisa and Nicolo for a wonderful self-mastery path that they opened for me, through their course. Although I had already a lot of experience in language learning, I had recently been frustrated, because I had not made much progress in my Polish studies, although I live in Warsaw and I need the Polish language at work. However, since the self-mastery course took place during my summer holidays, I decided to apply the new methods first to Turkish, which I am learning in my freetime. Already the first class opened my eyes to see that I had studied neither Polish nor Turkish in the optimal way that would suit my character and that would take me quickly to my goal. Thanks to Elisa and Nicolo, I experienced a breakthrough in my language learning! I warmly recommend this course to any language learner! It is a great investment in your future (and not too expensive at all)! Paula Junttila (originally from Finland)

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Have you ever thought about how much more you could accomplish if you only had a few more hours in the day?

Or how much more you could learn if you only could do it while having more fun?

If these questions resonate with you, the Self-mastery program is for you.

We will provide you with key insights and tools to help you significantly improve your language learning experience and master your ability to reach your language goals.

At the same time, the real transformation will come from within yourself, as you will be the focus.

The online program is designed to change your language learning methodology and help you improve the quality of your learning experience: less about general suggestions and more about you and your own learning path. We look forward to seeing you there!

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