Online Multilingual Lessons

Learning more than one language at the same time is not only possible but even advisable!

With my method you will learn how to switch from one language to another without mixing them up.

You will learn up to ten languages in the same time it would have taken you to  learn one. This method is very efficient and you can save time and reach your goals much earlier than you would have thought possible.

For example, if you want to learn Italian, why wait for your Italian to be perfect and then start from scratch with Spanish? Many structures are similar and you do not need to go through it twice.

This works for any combination of languages.

To know more, watch the video of my presentation at the 2016 Polyglot Gathering in Berlin:

You will be able to start speaking several languages from the very first moment. My approach allows students to have their first conversations in the target languages after only a few minutes (click here to see a video of one of my students with no previous knowledge of Russian having a short conversation after a 10 minute lesson. For more videos click here).
I will be more than happy to help you with your favorite languages.
Languages offered:
  • Italian, German, Spanish, English, Russian, French (any level)
  • Dutch, Catalan, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Esperanto (from beginner to intermediate)
  • Modern Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Serbian, Hungarian (beginners)
The lesson can be given either in the target language only or through English, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and French (for examples, explanations or instructions). The main focus will be your target language and you will be speaking it from the first moment.
Lessons can be given online (through Skype, Face Time, Hangouts). Interactive language workshops for groups can be given anywhere.

Please, feel free to contact me, including information like:

  • The language(s) you want to learn
  • Your level (you could tell me when, how and for how long you have learnt it)
  • Your goal (what you want to achieve and by when)

If you are looking for information about lessons in a single language and how to learn to speak it from day one you can click here.