Workshops and Presentations

I am always happy to give presentations and to organise and teach at workshops around the world.

Here you can find some examples of my presentations and workshops:

Multilingual Workshop (Italian, Greek, Hindi) at Expolingua in Berlin, 2018,

Speaker on the panel on language learning at the Polyglot Conference, Liubliana, Slovenia, 2018,

Multilingual Workshop (Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Esperanto, French, English) at the Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava, 2018,

“Teaching and learning up to ten languages in one course”, Women in Language, 2018

Speaker on the Panel on language learning, Women in Language, 2018

Learning and teaching up to ten languages in one course, Webbinar, Linguahackers, 2017.

Workshops on “English pronunciation”, “Esperanto”, “Hindi/Greek and Portuguese” (multilingual workshop), LIMBA, Cagliari (Italy), 2017.

“Speaking Hindi, Arabic and Greek from day one”, VHS, Eschweiler (Germany), 2017.

“Neapolitan dialect and culture: ”, Polyglot Gathering, Bratislava, 2017.

“Multilingual Stories”, VHS, Stolberg (Germany), 2017.

“Behaviours, gestures and etiquette around the world” in French, Spanish and Italian, VHS, Stolberg, 2016.

“How to teach and learn up to ten languages in one course”, Polyglot Gathering, Berlin (Germany), 2016.

“Behaviours, gestures and etiquette around the world” in German, VHS, Eschweiler, 2016.

“Russia: culture, people and language” in English, Russian, Italian and German, VHS, Eschweiler, 2016.

“Italy, Spain and Brazil” in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, VHS, Eschweiler, 2015.

“Regions of Italy: music, dances, food and culture”, Italian Cultural Centre of Moscow (Russia), 2011.